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Shän Boggs , Principal

Shän Boggs was the editor of a science education publication for more than seven years and has worked with more than 50 writers from various areas of science and education. She has edited book manuscripts for publication and film scripts (some of which have been made into films). She is also a writer for a variety of media and has contributed to the research, writing and editing of numerous creative projects.

Her 20+ years of experience includes writing interactive educational computer programs, educational videos, scripts for film, science newsletters, and articles for newspapers and magazines. She has also been an evaluator for applicants to the American Film Institute graduate school screenwriting program.

Naomi Renbarger


Naomi Renbarger, Editor/Researcher

Naomi Renbarger provides highly valued editing experience and research skills, as a former community manager and web analyst at Rocket XL. She has a B.A. in English with a concentration in Education.

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