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RESEARCH • Information, Data, Analysis, Evaluation

Burtonwood Media Company, Inc., works with you to help you focus on the areas in a project that you need to strengthen in order to achieve your vision.

Literature Research
Many intellectual products and services require extra information to provide in-depth detail.  Specific data and details may be just what you need to complete a project.  We can help research various source materials to locate the necessary information.

Information Research
The market for your services or product may have changed. Would you like to get the latest information to improve the way you present your product or services?  We can help through doing comparative research.  Statistical data may also be available to help you develop a more professional approach with what you have to offer.

Document Analysis & Evaluation
Your writing may have been used without your authorization.  In fact, you have reason to believe that your creative or intellectual work has been copied and credit has been taken by another writer.  What do you do?  A careful analysis and evaluation of your work, comparing it with another work, may help you make an educated decision about your choices.  Get the information you need to take the most effective steps before incurring costly legal fees.

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